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Path To Enlightenment or Sexual Freedom?

Tantra for most people is seen as something vague and mysterious from the East, so we look at the origins of Tantra and the significance of God and Goddess as ideals in life symbolised by Buddha and the Goddess Tara.

We hear tales in the media that it Tantra is all about sex and how to improve sexual experience / performance. This is a valid perspective and it has helped thousands of couples to deepen their understanding and communication with each other.

A new class of healer has emerged, shaped by the transformation of society particularly since the 1960's. These gifted people possess a deep understanding of humanity and the subtleties of human nature, combined with holistic idealism, they are helping to to heal the sexual wounds of men and women and deepen the understanding of all of life. You can find personal healers and teachers to assist with easing your life journey.

Tantra is really about who we are, something that deep down excites you, and yet from our position on the surface of life are afraid to look. This something empowers us to reach for the stars with clarity and understanding.

While words cannot describe tantra, they point the way and describe steps on the path of tantra.  In these pages you will find some answers and perhaps understanding of a rich spiritual tradition that includes all of life from birth to death and teaches the art of living in joy.

In classical tantric sex, the orgasm is the trivial element in an otherwise masterful experience. The sacred occurs in the dance of two people bringing themselves slowly — with tantalizing concentration — to the point right before orgasm, and then holding the powerful energy in that place with pointed effort. Tantric sexual rituals, exercises and meditations are largely derived from ancient books that depict a dialogue between the Hindu god Shiva and his female consort Shakti. In author Georg Feuerstein's own extractions from these texts, he writes that all tantra students should understand certain things before making the commitment to tantric study, including the fact that tantric study will create access to the reservoirs of psychic power we are all born with. In doing so, he cautions, we should never exploit these gifts to our gain, as in the case with sexuality, but instead determine to use the newfound energy responsibly. Kimberly Nichols /

coverA wonderful guide to touch the mystical experience of Tantra, December 29, 1997
This book is a wonderful introduction to the the wonders of Tantra. Though not a long book, it has a lot of interesting information. I learned a lot about my own body's capabilities and through the techniques, greatly enhanced my enjoyment and my prowess as a lover (and improved my lover's enjoyment as well). Mumford's book is an excellent resource for unusual and powerful insights into the sacred magic of Tantra/sexuality. There is a very informative glossary of terms in the book, and explanations about certain aspects that may be surprising. The chapter on the Tantric Weekend is a wonderful guide to share a beautiful and loving retreat with one's partner. I strongly recommend this book to improve relationships not only between lovers but also to one's own potential to touch their own sacred bliss and enjoyment of their own bodies. John Mumford has obviously done his research, because he points out aspects in his book that I've not seen in other books on Tantra. I think the thing I like best about his book is that it allows eastern Tantra to meet with the western mind. My current copy is the second one I've bought because the first one I bought became so dog-eared...Highly recommended. Click For More info.


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