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How we see ourselves and each other

Sociology is the the science or the study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society and of individuals within society. It also covers the regulation of our social relationships and social institutions.

Sociology incorporates philosophy and psychology and has a strong relationship with our health as many diseases begin in our minds. The study of sociology asks that we step back from whatever situation we find ourselves in and be objective in our view.

To understand sociology today, we must first understand some history and modern evolution.

When we look back at our ancient history, we must understand that there are many things that we do not know. What little knowledge we have begins in the past 10,000 years. What knowledge we have of before then is hotly disputed in archaeological circles, but by studying the history of human development over the past few thousand years we can see patterns within societies development and administration. We can also see patterns and influences to our health and way of thinking.

we know for instance that with the development of agriculture, women became possessions and a stronger patriarchal society developed. There may have been matriarchal societies before, but they remain only legends and have not been scientifically validated. But even our science has developed from a combination of need and curiosity, and then the science has been employed as a tool in service of the profit motive.

We have come to a point in our evolution where the profit motive dominates the civilised world. In a perfect world, we are human beings learning to understand ourselves and better our humanity. To some degree, this is happening but it is all constrained by corporatism and servitude to the profit motive. We must understand that the profit motive has no soul, it could well be the devil in Christian mythology because it has no respect for life.

To a large extent thanks to the profit motive, we have become humans doing stuff and service of the profit motive. We are the only living things on earth that pay to live here or pay for their food. When we assess ourselves, it is often done in respect of wealth, possessions and temporary happiness. Little value is placed on real human happiness which is what we need to ensure our survival as individuals, and as a species.

The consequences of living according to many modern mythologies and the profit motive include the separation of people's. The battle for power and control of resources, the dehumanising of humanity, declining health and our eventual extinction as a species.

This may seem a pessimistic view, however it is a real view shared by many eminent scientists and philosophers. Humanity has become so busy trying to survive that we are literally killing ourselves. Yet, there is no obvious way out because we're all trapped in our existence.

Some argue that life is about the survival of the fittest, that when we subject ourselves to comparative analysis beside other species, we see that some species are territorial in order that they can survive and multiply. Here, mankind is no different at a base level, however we have a unique intelligence that allows us to cooperate with each other in service of financial profit, individual or collective happiness.

But very few people are actually working for our collective happiness as they don't have the time all the freedom to do so. Everyone is trapped in their own particular social and economic hell and trying to do their best to grasp moments of happiness.

As humans, we are failing in our effort to become human. As well as destroying our environment, we are also destroying our own health despite the fact that with the improvements in hygiene and more plentiful food we are becoming sicker. The early stages of illness become apparent in their weakening of our immune systems and our increasing reliance on medications to survive.

We are very good at producing food, but the food we produce on any large commercial scale is steadily diminishing quality. Nearly all commercially grown foods are heavily laden with agricultural poisons which may well be a direct cause of many cancers as well as our increasing immune system dysfunction.

All of this is revealed by looking back through history as well is looking dispassionately the world around us. An interesting case in point exists in Christchurch New Zealand. A lot of former market Garden land has been used for housing. How ever a report that came out in early 2014 stated that much of that former market Garden land is so toxic that it is unsafe to live there. The market gardening process is that the weeds are sprayed with chemicals to kill them. The land is prepared and the crop is sown. With most crops, there are several applications of herbicides, fungicides and often oil based artificial fertilisers are also used. So, here we have chemical food production that leaves the land unfit for habitation and this is something occurring in most countries of the world.

Sociology like many other subjects must be considered within the whole, it cannot be studied alone without reference to our history and development. Our sociology is intricately linked into our environment, into our diet and nutrition, and it is the science of the how and why we think and behave as we do.  



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