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Minerals & Nutrition > Chi or Life force

Chi, also known as Prana is the essence of life, the energy that sustains us, is energy that can be measured electrically and flows throughout or bodies, but this energy flow cn slow down when there are to few minerals in our bodies.

Did you guess that the mineral supplement you choose to add to your diet might have a noticeable effect on your Chi energy? Chi is the life force that flows through our bodies. In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is seen as the paramount vital energy. Herbs and dietary supplements, including mineral supplements, are used to boost Chi and so to restore healthful vigor.

Here in the West, progressive health practitioners are embracing Chi as a major option in their holistic programs. Chi is an electronic energy that can be measured using sensitive electro-acupuncture machines. It is thought that Chi originates at the level of the single cell, which is the basic unit of life. The trillions of cells in the human body make electronic energy simultaneously with chemical energy in the tiny energy factories they have that are called mitochondria. The Chi energy leaves the single cells and moves out of the tissue, then travels through the organs and the entire body, as measured via the classic acupuncture meridian points.

The correlation between Chi and minerals is that Chi is an electron energy, and the more charged atoms there are in the fluids the better can the electronic energy flow. Much as in a battery, the more charged atoms (ions) there are in the battery solution, the stronger is the battery. Similarly, our cells make the sparks of Chi but its flow is held by the minerals.

The better the balance of the minerals in the fluids, the better the Chi should flow. While we do know that there are 23 elements strictly proven essential for the body, we do not know that others are not essential or not important. These may well contribute to Chi. Broad, multimineral mineral supplements like those from the Trace Minerals Research product family come from a clean sea source with the sodium removed. These minerals are totally charged or ionized. Their contents of potentially toxic minerals, such as aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury are so low they can hardly be detected (lower than 1 millionths of a gram per each gram dry weight).

From my research into this phenomenon of Chi, it has become clear that by supplementing our diet with a well balanced mineral supplement we can go a far way towards optimizing our energy and overall well being. Here balance is the key: the minerals are used by the body in a "yin-yang" complementary balance. Supplementing with single minerals may throw off internal balance and do more harm than good. Minerals are not the entire story for Chi, but they are an important part.

© Information provided by Trace Minerals Research International. Permission by Todd Heslop and trace mineral products can be purchased here.

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