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Women > Reproduction > Persistent genital arousal disorder

Also called Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS)

PGAD is a very rare condition affecting maybe 1 in 1,000,000 women or less. This condition can begin before puberty and continue throughout life, or it can start any time, sometimes just before women enter menopause. The medical establishment has no known cause or treatment and any woman suffering from this condition may be subject to some experimentation.

This condition makes many woman's lives a misery and the fact that they are having a multiple of orgasms every day precludes them from enjoying normal sexual activity. When they do become aroused beyond their everyday pleasure / pain barrier, they need a man who can last the distance to give them the satisfaction and more importantly, the after sex relaxation that is deeply healing.  


The ways in that the public understand of human sexuality is vast. Every community and every individual has been led or misled into a whole host of often untrue social understandings and behavioural expectations. To be walking down the street, sitting on a bus stop, doing your shopping or any activity in a public place becomes exceedingly difficult out of fear about how those around you may react as your body trembles or even if you make a sound when another uninvited orgasm stirs your body.

Add to all of this that the condition is often more painful than pleasurable, and you may understand that some sufferers may become suicidal, or lock themselves away from the public eye. In all, it makes life exceedingly difficult, so what are the causes?


One cause that some doctors agree on is that a cyst maybe responsible, a small growth may form to impact the nerve supply that feeds the clitoris. If this is the cause, any growths will show up in an MRI scan or may be detected through x-ray or ultrasound.

The treatment here is surgery to remove the impinging tissue.


A psychosomatic cause may be that the woman who suffers from this condition may be prone to suppressing her feelings. Many consider that this cause a little bit too 'new age', however it is well-established that mental and emotional stress does accumulate in the body tissues and stresses related to sexuality can be stored in and around the genital region.

The effects of stress in this area include painful and disrupted periods, infertility with more prolonged and severe discomfort during menopause.

Areas of treatment here include counselling, hypnosis, yoga and massage which all help to release the associated stress.

Natural treatments

    Yoga; if the condition is stress-related, then the cure comes from relieving the effects of stress. This means that the muscles and body tissues in the genital region need to be exercised. The only exercise system that's good for this is yoga as the exercises of yoga when done properly have a positive effect on the entire body including reproductive system.
    Massage; regular full body massage including deep tissue massage to the abdomen in conjunction with good diet and nutrition is known to provide relief and even cure many menstrual and menopausal problems and although we have no knowledge of massage being used to treat PGAD, in the light of common sense, it should be one of the first treatments investigated.

    Both yoga and massage work to release all the stresses that have accumulated around the problem and with guidance from the right therapist, could well relieve many problems.
    Herbal medicines; herbal preparations that are popular for helping regulate a woman's cycle as well as products that help the body to relax may well be helpful but there are no reports as to their effectiveness for this condition.

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