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Women > Breasts > Perfect Breasts

salma_hayek_cleavageIs the term perfect breasts valid?

Like our bodies, breasts come in all shapes and sizes and what constitutes the perfect breast is an individual choice. For any breast to be perfect, it must first have the capacity to perform the function that nature intended. In other words, it must be able to produce milk.

Image right; Salma Hayek's 36-C breasts helps make every movie she is in. Photo credit lazygirls


What each of us thinks of as perfect is totally subjective as we all have a different taste, but generally we look to what is aesthetically pleasing among the wide variety of sizes and shapes making a single answer unobtainable. We don't know if the ideal breasts are related to what's know as 'the divine proportion' of 1 to 1.618 as facial features have been related too, maybe someone needs to work on this.

The human growth element

As most of us suckled at the breast, it was a source of life, it gave us nourishment for which we are subconsciously grateful. We have a natural affection and even a sense of awe at the ability of the breasts to produce milk. áThese devices of lactation and comfort are world wonders which we either take for granted, or we are so confused at all the opinionated bullshit that dictates our view.

Sociology; Power and politics

But nowadays breast feeding is secondary to using our breasts to attract attention, enhance appearance and self-confidence regardless of our walk in life. áBreasts as part of the human body have become politicised and many dressing like Halle would be prosecuted or persecuted in some countries.

Halley Berry halle_berry0

Halley Berry, celebrating her assets which no doubt you have seen in one of the over 40 movies she has appeared in like the James Bond Die Another Day and Cat Woman.á You may have noticed in all her red carpet appearances, her breasts always play a key role and the photographers love her.

Image right;  Halle Berry with an almost perfectly matched pair and not needing a bra.

Socially we know breasts are attractive, you must have noticed how especially men like to look, and you know that showing a little cleavage gets attention. Men's attention is a combination of biology, the deep subconscious choosing of a mate with the capacity to nature babies.

Secondly, it's not just guys who love a nice rack so they can indulge in physical gratification, women do as well. Thirdly, being seen with a well built woman lifts their ego a treat and in those early years of dating and perhaps marriage, displaying the right amount of cleavage and perhaps a promise ensures all those chores are completed.

We all know from our TV and movies that nice breasts, are great assets for any star, so lets consider a few:

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks from the TV show Mad Men stuns audiences with her all natural 38-DDD boobs and a 5.8" stature keeping it all in proportion. This curvy role model has been praised as being an ideal shape for women and Christina has commented that the media are too focused on women's bodies and not their actual talents. But a 2010 study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons attributed part of a 10% increase in the number of British women receiving breast augmentation surgery to her influence. The US Air core reportedly want to paint her in the nose of their planes as they have don with other famous models in the past.

Christina reportedly said that "I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it's sometimes been inconvenient.á No doubt this is due to shopping and finding comfortable bras and then she has a heap of accusers insisting that they have to be fake and her slightly fuller figure is out of place in Hollywood. Christina's Advice to men.

All breasts are perfect, made as 'God' intended to suit our character and function.

The level of women's dissatisfaction with their breasts has given rise to breast enhancement to an entire industry.

Image right; a pleasing aesthetic, nice in size and proportion

niceCharacteristics of perfect breasts

Both women and men enjoy seeing and looking at women's breasts, women mostly for the aesthetic, and men for both theáthe aesthetic and commonly as a sexual fantasy.

  1. In general breasts must be full, but not too large typically C or D cup along the lines of the classical model proportions of 36, 26, 36 Some prefer small, (men say a nice mouthful),á while others like large breasts without sag to give a woman shape.
  2. Breasts should project more forward than to the sides with the nipples pointing up a little.
  3. Breasts should not be too hard and not too soft.
  4. The slope of the breasts must be graceful and gentle although pointy nipples are considered a bonus.
  5. The nipple and areola must be proportionate to the size of the breasts. Extremely large nipples on small breasts are considered unattractive. Smaller nipples on larger breasts is considered more acceptable, but does not qualify as perfection.
  6. The colour of the breast, nipple and areola should be colour matched.

Perfect breasts count for squat if not inhabited by a pleasing personality.

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