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Men's Health > Penis Health > Psychology and Penis Size

Psychological Benefits of a Larger Penis

Throughout history the human genitals have been worshipped for their ability to create life. As in the Greek image, small when flaccid is of no consequence, yet there is an expectation that an erect penis will conform to certain ideals. These ideals differ from mind to mind.

Confidence is very important, especially when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. A lot of factors can affect the confidence of men towards women, and the state of the male psyche when topics are shifted to the size of their sexual organs. But the most important factor is the way men see themselves through the size of their penises. When it comes to sexuality and sexual satisfaction issues, males are very concerned about the size of their penises.

But there are solutions provided for the not-so-well-endowed male. Male enhancement products such as creams, lotions, pills, exercise or stretching tools, even surgery, have been viewed as possible options for those who wish to make their "equipment" bigger. One of the most popular products for penis enlargement is the VigRX Plus™, a pill made of natural ingredients developed to enlarge the penis, leading to harder erections and increased sexual stamina. The ingredients of this pill are of natural herbs, and are proven to be safe and effective. VigRX Plus™ pills have addressed this age-old issue among men and have been successful due to their key ingredients, which are fully discussed on the official VigRX Plus website linked below.

The old saying "Bigger is better" is indeed a popular notion, especially among males. Ever since the time of our ancestors, penis size has been associated with male vigour, masculinity, potency, and virility. The male sex organ was considered as the ultimate symbol of strength and power, not just male sexuality. Early stone statues depicting males with large sex organs have been discovered, serving as proofs that the early human society was as obsessed with penis size as modern society is right now. As humans have evolved, so have certain beliefs and practices. But one old belief has stayed on with the human psyche: the size of male sex organs in relation to confidence and a good psychological health.

The size and girth are the first two things that come into the people's minds when thinking about the male sexual organ. This obsession has been plastered all over the media, especially in TV shows and movies tackling sex-related topics and male adolescence issues.

At puberty, it is common for boys to talk about the size of their penises. In a typical locker room scene, the boy with the smallest penis often gets ridiculed, and the one with the biggest penis is usually the dominant male in the group, causing others to be envious of him. This behaviour, believe it or not, is carried on into adulthood. Male adults still feel inferior when the size of their penis is small. They believe that they can't please their women because they don't have bigger "equipment." These negative beliefs and views can lead to lack of confidence, and this lack of confidence can be reflected on a man's everyday behaviour, such as how he handles everyday stress and how he performs at work. Lack of self-confidence can also cause mild cases of depression, adding to the "heavy feeling" men get when other people think, especially their wives or girlfriends, that they are not that well-endowed.

Men who are not satisfied with their sexual prowess are more likely to get stressed because a healthy sexual lifestyle has a positive effect on both the psychological physical health of a person. Having a big penis is not the only factor in having a good sex life, but it can have dramatic effects on how a male sees himself as a person, and as a sexual partner.

It is important, therefore, to address any issues regarding penis size as soon as possible. The lack of confidence can not only affect the male, but also the people around him, especially if his wife or girlfriend is not satisfied with his performance in bed. Sex, as primitive as it sounds, is vital in keeping a healthy relationship together. It is impossible to say that couples who don't enjoy each other sexually are really satisfied with their relationship. Good performance in bed, enhanced with a big penis that can be achieved by using enlargement products, can achieve stunning results for a satisfying life, and an improvement on the overall male psyche, 

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