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Environment > Act Local > Cooperative Housing

A key to sustainability

Access to shelter is a fundamental human right that has been taken form a large percentage of the population. In this modern world, human rights are written into public charters, yet the corporatism of local and national governments has nullified these rights.

Cooperative housing like any other protest must be done peaceably within the context of local laws as by any other means, the adventure will fail. One system that worked was for some of the Vietnamese escaping the Vietnam war. They landed on Australian beaches and were taken in as refugees, the Australian government gave them money, food and shelter. The people pooled their money and bought a house, several families moved in and in a very short time, they’d paid off that house and another was purchased. Such collective thinking enabled the community to own a substantial amount of property in a very short time and it could be done elsewhere in an city.

The challenge

Is to overcome the fact tat unfortunately most of us are damaged in some way by our corrupt civilisation and are severely challenged to take on such a project. Many cooperative projects to own land have been successful, but most have failed due to peoples inability to cooperate and a divergence of ideology.

House prices combined with the steady devaluation of the currency is making home ownership increasingly difficult and for some the price of a home is set at over a lifetime of earnings. Cooperative adventures are the only option, as otherwise one must face a lifetime of renting or even a home on the street.


First you must enlighten yourself and find a group of similarly enlightened others. You must realise that a dozen dysfunctional people living in a small house is going to cause friction as under the age of 50, personalities remain volatile, yet begin you must.

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The first sensible option once like minded individuals have been found is to form a company or a trust that has legal worth in your community. The members then acquire shares to the value of their contributions. Should the partnership fail, then the members walk away with the value of their shares when the property is sold, or they remain as shareholders and the property is leased out. Its a win win situation provided the finances work out.

Individuality and freedom

This is a myth, there is no freedom. We are all born to toil for someone else pleasure, or a few may become entrepreneurs and earn the reward of others efforts. Individuality is encouraged, it makes us easier to control, to overcome this we must learn to set aside our differences and focus on our common appreciation.

Within this site you will find guidance to help understand and develop your humanity based on a policy of kindness.



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