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Women > Having Children

In an overcrowded world

feistyThe rationale behind dating and falling in love is to find a suitable partner to bond with so as to have and raise children and thereby perpetuate our species.

But in case you haven’t noticed, our global population is approaching 7 billion and about half of that number don’t have enough to eat. We are the only species on this planet that has such a capable mind and the ability to take control of our lives in such a way that other species cannot.

So many people think it is important to have a family that is somehow independent of the global family of humanity. It is a fact that we have a genetic predisposition to want to reproduce even though there is no longer any need.

Some scientists are saying that all life on earth could come to a crashing halt in the next hundred years because of corruption, pollution, global warming and all the conflict going on. Global warming and corruption are undoubtedly going to be the biggest killers. The corruption I speak of is the acquisition and control of vast areas of land and the indiscriminate use of toxic chemicals which is currently the primary cause of migration out of Africa.

We love kids so much that there are organisations doing their utmost to prevent women having abortions even though when those unworn babies are born, they will be malnourished and a burden on society. As they grow up they may well go on to become criminals because they were not wanted.

Having sex is a natural and healthy activity, but bringing unwanted children into an overcrowded world is unhealthy and will actually hasten the downfall not only of our own species, but all other species on this planet and as we know, we’re causing the extinction of other species almost on a daily basis.

We will need to have some children, therefore it is logical to have children who are wanted and above all healthy. In ancient times while Europeans were still surviving through hunting and gathering, the civilisation of India had developed what is known as the gotra system.

The Indians had an understanding of genetics and their system or arranged marriages put men and women together who were energetically compatible and biologically healthy. This is about consciously ensuring that our children and indeed our actual population is healthy and strong.

Europeans today refer to this as eugenics or selective breeding. Farmers have been doing this with their livestock for thousands of years because it is the most sensible way to achieve predictable and sustainable results. In farming this also produced a good economic return whereas today, people are having babies to meet their emotional needs.

Today so many people are having babies and cheating those children as an extension of their own personality and forcing them to conform. It has been in the news that about three quarters of all the children in the USA are on some form of medication to either control their behaviour or manage their diseases.

We continue to bring millions of children whose health was compromised by the parents ill-health into the world and somehow expecting the world to function. This is proving to be a nightmare at social, ecological and economic levels and is clearly unsustainable.

If you and your partner are healthy enough that you do not use any medications, if you are the sort of person who can survive in this insane world without propagating insanity then you are the sort of person fit to have children.

But if your life is a mess and you cannot survive without medication then having children is only going to compound all your problems.




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