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Women > Divine Feminine

By Scientific Divinity

Image by Goddess Within

Inside each and every single human being, there are two polarities.  There is a male and a female polarity.  It doesn’t matter which gender you are, you have both male and female energies within your body.  These energies are also known as yin (female) and yang (male).  However, most of us are completely unaware of how to use these energies.  The world has identified with the masculine energy, and has greatly suppressed the feminine.  That is why, the energy of the awakening on this planet, is feminine energy.

Because we have suppressed the feminine over the past several thousand years, this planet has been thrown into chaos and wars, and ego runs rampant.  As I’ve mentioned before in many of my posts, humanity has been conditioned not to look beyond anything outside of what society accepts.  We look upon the feminine as inferior and treat it as such, we suppressed it ourselves, and we don’t even realize that we do it.

Men, from childhood, are taught to suppress their emotions, they’re taught to be macho men, that crying isn’t acceptable, that being emotional, or sensitive is not acceptable.  To the point where other boys will make fun of them if they show even the slightest bit of sensitivity.  Any boy that shows feminine tendencies is automatically thought to be gay and is shunned by family and friends. In recent years, this is starting to turn around, and that is part of the awakening that is occurring.  However, in general, it is unacceptable for a male to show that he feels emotions.  So he goes through his entire life without feeling, instead, he does what his friends do and lust after women like their something to conquer, rather than to love.  All men want love, but because of this conditioning, many never experience it.

Women, on the other hand, are taught from childhood to be objects.  They are taught that their looks are more important than their personalities.  They are brought up to compete against other women to be the best looking, to attract one of the men mentioned above.  However, there is no amount of conditioning society can throw at women, to condition them not to feel, because feminine energy is their primary energy.  Women instead, are conditioned to be over emotional.  They allow their emotions to run wild, which is why they’re so confusing to men, who have almost no concept of feeling their emotions to any great extent.  So when women are controlled by their emotions, and expect a man to make it all better, when he can’t do that, they become even more lost in the sea of emotions, they turn to other women to comfort them because they’re the only ones that understand.

So we have both genders, that are completely confused as to who they are. That is why the world is the way it is.  Men think to much and feel to little, women feel to much and think too little.  However, feeling is more important than thinking, which is why women are much closer to spirituality than men are.  It’s why there are so many more women into yoga than men are.  It’s why so many more women goes to spas, for massages and relaxation.  It will be through women, that the awakening on this planet will really speed up.  The empowerment of women is of essential importance in bringing about the greatly needed paradigm shift.

When a woman learns how to control her emotions, which in itself allows her to access the masculine energy within her, she comes to the realization that she doesn’t need to impress men.  She realizes that she can become her own person, that her looks, her body type, her age, do not matter.  She knows she no longer has to compete with other women, which greatly increases her relationship with them.  She becomes the woman she was meant to be, she becomes Shakti.

When men realize that they have feminine energy within them, when they learn to harness that energy, something magical happens.  A man loves the feeling of the feminine energy, it goes through his body bringing pleasure and great happy feelings with it.  He begins to feel his emotions much more, which enables him to react differently in situations. Rather than the macho man approach, he comes at problems from a softer side, a side that lacks ego, and in doing that, he finds peaceful solutions to problems and everyone becomes happier.  The feminine energy brings to him a level of peace and love that he has never felt before, a certain calmness that he has always longed for but never understood what it was. 

Once a man has felt the feminine energy within him, he does everything that he can to keep feeling it, to cultivate it, to enhance it.  The energy takes away his need for lust, his need for finding a woman to conquer.  The energy teaches him a great respect for women, and suddenly he wants to love a woman, to be there for her, to make her happy, and fulfil all of her desires.  He suddenly has a new sense of intimacy, one he probably never even knew existed.  He learns there is much greater pleasure in intimacy than in sex.  Because the feminine energy within him builds and builds, and this just sparks more and more passion into him.  His woman, if she has learned to control herself, is there for him, and will guide him, with love.  That is what love is, that is how love is meant to be experienced. He becomes Shiva.

Image by James Zar

The divine feminine that resides in all humans has been suppressed for thousands of years, so as it becomes less and less suppressed, more and more things on this planet will change.  They are already changing.  As the world becomes more conscious, the people will step up and put an end to all the things that have conditioned them.

Kali, One of The Most Divine Goddesses

The image right is one of  the softer depictions of the Goddess kali. She is in a sense a caretaker of the world and protector of all life.

Her appearance is often gruesome as she has many heads enabling her to see in all directions. She has many arms enabling her to multi task.

Her images are often black and terrible, she is usually naked to define her humanity.

She tramples on the bodies of ignorance and holds the severed heads of the corrupt and defilers of women even when they are other women. She is fearless and drinks the blood of demons

She is a protector of the human species and is venerated by millions, especially in India.

Goddess Within
James Zar
Scientific Divinity



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