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Women > Breasts > Breast Enhancement

Do your Breasts Measure up? The average cup size is a "C". Nutritional breast enhancement supplements are quickly becoming the most popular choice for women desiring larger, firmer, healthier breasts.

There is no doubt that women with attractive breasts fare better in life, they are often more confident, admired and successful, and a huge industry has evolved to assist women improve their breasts.

Breast Growth

During puberty, the female body naturally produces estrogen which promotes the development of breast tissue and breasts often fail to develop due to a imbalances in these endogenous hormone levels or insufficient body fat resulting in diminished breast size.


Surgery for a time was the most popular way to enhance breasts, however the risks are great and there are many horror stories about the tragic fate of many thousands of women who have suffered disfigurement and silicon poisoning, though today the quality of implants has improved, it is still an expensive and risky procedure which has to be repeated every 8 - 15 years. The danger of surgery and the demand for better solutions for better breasts has lead to years of research in the field of herbal medicine and the results have been astounding in the range and quality of the products on offer.

Natural Solutions

Exercising, improving one's posture, diet and lifestyle, wearing the right bra or no bra at all is good for breast health. Breast care massage is an excellent practice to maintain the health, shape and appearance of your breasts and the safest and most natural option for increasing breast size.

Today, the most popular alternative breast enhancement products are herbal formulas which stimulate the growth of breast tissue and one of these products may be your best non-surgical solution to attaining fuller, firmer breasts.

How Do Breast Enhancement Products Work?

Natural breast enhancement supplements contain herbal compounds and naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens and phytoestrogens which act like estrogen to stimulate the body into producing new breast tissue as it would during puberty or pregnancy.

Usually within four to eight weeks of taking or applying a good quality supplement, the mammary glands reactivate and begin the development of new breast tissue resulting in noticeably fuller and firmer breasts. With continued use, most women typically experience growth of 1 to 2 cups and continued use may produce growth of up to 3 cup sizes. So going from an A to a C cup over six months to a year is possible.

Please note that differences in body chemistry and metabolism make it impossible to provide a universal timeframe for breast development for every individual.

How do you choose a product that is right for you?

With over 100 products on the market today making a decision may be a challenge and it can be difficult to differentiate one product from another. However all the products we have reviewed are made in US FDA approved facilities and the ingredients of good quality.

So to to help you decide, we have reviewed products from three companies and to our knowledge, they all work well and no harmful side effects have ever been reported even when taking above the recommended dose. Some users however have reported mild side effects such as euphoria and light headed ness after taking oral herbal products and we estimate that 90% of people respond well to off the shelf herbal supplements.

When purchasing, consider what increase you want and that you may need to take the supplements for up to six months. We recommend that three - four months is a good time period and if you still require more, then take another three - four month course the following year as the prolonged use of any medication is not advised.

Other Things That Support Breast enhancement

  • Measure - take before and after measurements and photos.
  • Pair your pills and breast enhancement cream.
  • Massage your breasts for 1 - 2mins 2x daily. You will get optimal results from a breast enhancement pills if you utilize both external and internal breast growth stimulation. Breast Massage.
  • Stand tall, hold your head high and your shoulders back. Act confident even if you don't always feel confident.
  • Avoid wearing a bra as much as possible or wear a comfortable bra; ideally one that does not leave marks on your skin when it is removed. (Explore the link between wearing a bra and breast cancer.)


  • Women who have diabetes may experience difficulty in gaining results with breast enhancement products due to a malfunctioning endocrine system.
  • If your body fat range is below 7%, these products will not work for you as breast size is comprised of fatty tissue stored in the connective tissues of the breasts. The more weight you lose the flatter and smaller your breasts will be.
  • Avoid Caffeine as it can actually interfere with the breast growth process by throwing off your hormonal balance, and render your breast enhancement product less effective.
  • Eat more protein  - As with body builders and performance athletes, it has been found that customers who have the highest success rates with breast enhancement products actually curb their carbohydrate intake while on the supplement. The higher protein consumption helps with the body’s absorption and utilization of the breast growth properties of the products. We recommend protein shakes or protein bars and high protein foods.
  • For girls and women under 20 years of age, we recommend the enhancement cream.
  • Some herbal compounds have been known to produce effects similar to 'herbal highs' . However as every individuals metabolism is unique, and mild euphoria or light headedness is possible. So if you experience any unpleasant side effect, simply return the product for a refund and try another brand.

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