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Women > Breasts > Breast Surgery Pros & Cons

The price of beauty

Breast surgery has been a popular method that successfully enlarges breasts and makes them firmer. Yet, there are many pros and cons for this type of cosmetic surgery that should be addressed before making an ultimate decision to move forward with it.

Image right; note the flat spot under the right breast caused by hardening of the implant.

Pros of Breast Surgery

  • Fast results. A breast surgery will provide you with larger breasts instantly. Once the medical procedure is over, you will wake up with a new pair of breasts. You won't have to wait weeks or months to see the positive results.
  • Hand-picked selections. You will be able to control exactly what your breasts will look like once the surgery is complete. This means that you get to choose what cup size you would like and the perkiness that you will end up having. Many doctors can show you a 'before and after image' that will let you determine what will look best for your body type.
  • A track record of success. Breast surgeries have been used for decades and were once reserved for the elite and for celebrities, but are a commonplace procedure that is being used by all walks of life. The success rate is estimated to be 94%.

Cons of Breast Surgery

  • Costly. A breast surgery is one of the most expensive ways to get the youthful breasts that you have always wanted. It can commonly run into the thousands of dollars. This does not include the costs of prescription medications that will need to be taken after the surgery is completed. Even though the doctor s office may offer a payment plan, it is still a hefty fee to pay.

    Image right; misshaped breasts due to the hardening of the implants.
  • Dangerous complications. As with any type of surgery, there are many dangerous and serious complications that can occur. Many patients may contract an infection or allergic reaction which makes this surgery risky.
  • Lengthy recovery time. Women have to endure weeks of pain and discomfort. Often times, the patient has to have someone take care of them during the first week. This involves having to ask a family or friend to take time off from work in order to help you. It also means that you have to be out of work as well.
  • Implants must be replaced every eight to twelve years which means that the risks of complications are increased.


If you are looking for an all-natural, safe and painless way to getting the breasts that you want, then you should look into natural enhancement products. You can achieve the quick results that you are looking for in many other safe and cost-effective ways.

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