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Wisdom Pages > The Past

Where have we come from and what is our history?

Our recorded history is a brief slice of time on Earth as to be almost insignificant. Our history goes back to biblical times when records started to be kept and then back through the calligraphic records of Egypt and greater Persia. Before this time history is an anthropological speculation based on the archaeological remains of buried cities animal and human remains.

To a rational mind it seems to be totally illogical that God simply created us and all this evidence some 6000 years ago. This is to simplistic.

Evolution theory to has its limitations. Is it possible that over the billions of years that we evolved from simple one-celled amoeba and through Darwinian Theory? There is no real evidence to support this.

Time as a history is to large a concept to fully comprehend and is simpler and more true to see it as timeless. In other words that there is no limit to time and that we as a species have always been in existence even though our outer form has changed or evolved slightly as an adaptation to our environment.

To come back to earth, we have beyond our history many legends. In particular Atlantis. It is thought that the floor of the now Atlantic Ocean was once the continent of Atlantis. This legendary civilization was to the consensus of opinion and knowledge very civilized and technological. The cause of the downfall was fear, power and greed coupled with the misuse of weapons of destruction which put the planet into self protection mode in a similar way to what is happening now. It is thought that the survivors were the founders of the Egyptian empire and possibly influenced the development of Greater Persia. Archeologists have discovered extensive evidence, roads, buildings and a whole city off the coast of Florida USA.

Another legend speaks of a civilization in the region of Siberia / Mongolia. The city of Shambala in this region is a place of learning, wisdom, peace and unconditional love. One can still go there although it now exists in another dimension. In the written history of Tibet there are records of a time when the south of Tibet was on the coast of the ocean and indeed in the high peaks of the Himalayas, there are deposits of sea shell and other sea life which is also true of other mountain ranges in the world.

In South America there are also legends of other civilizations and communication with extra-terrestrial life forms. and indeed it is arrogant for us to think that given the size of the universe that we are the only humans that exist.

In modern history we have seen the rise of industrialization and pollution of our environment. We see an increase in pain and suffering brought on by fear and greed. We see that the wealth of the Western World has been at the expense of the Eastern or Third World.

So dear reader, if you have read this far, congratulations, you are open to the possibility that there is always more than what at first meets the eye.

History may not be true as you know it


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