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Wisdom Pages > Human Being

What is it to be human?
We know that we are this feeling thinking consciousness / conscience with a
Mind / brain / calculator, a physical body which resides in this planetary environment.

Our Human Body
This wonderful physical form created from consciousness, driven by mind and the passions arising from consciousness, fuelled by the nutritious foods we eat.

This sensitive yet robust self repairing mechanism is the home to our being human. It is an anchor for our consciousness and the medium for expression and interaction in this world.

Human Consciousness
Linked to higher Consciousness, linked to body and mind, Consciousness has no set limits other than what we place upon it.

In consciousness we are able to explore the greater boundaries of our humanity.

Consciousness is fluid and formless

As consciousness, it is possible for us to travel beyond the boundaries of this human body and environment to experience connection with what may be defined as the world of spirit and our multi dimensionality.

Consciousness is assisted or limited by the ability and willingness of the mind to allow this flow of information. In consciousness it is possible to converse with all the elements of our being.

Consciousness has no morality, and yet can cause no pain or suffering. It fully supports life and the sustainability of life as it is the stuff of what life is created from.

The Consciousness which causes suffering is not Consciousness, it is the individuals mind causing affliction. When this happens in times of personal growth and pain, Consciousness fades from the individual and the personality remains lost.

Consciousness is power, it is the power of ONE. This power is not over anyone, it is a power in full co-operation with others. A power which dominates, is only the destructive personality of one person playing with some conscious power which has consequences.

If you seek greater Consciousness than you possess, there is the ONE guiding principal - DO NO HARM
A Consciousness which knowingly causes harm is not true Consciousness, only a delusional mind, afflicted by base desire.

In a world where Consciousness prevails is when heaven really comes to earth, as Consciousness fully supports the sustainability of all life, life of the plant and animal, life of the land and oceans, the life of all humanity.

In a Consciousness world, there would be no wars or violence, there would be shared co-operation and joyousness. There would be the support to fully realise our dreams and the only fear would be falling from Consciousness.

They way to greater Consciousness is by being harmless to all living things, by supporting life, by being in this moment with full awareness and responding to what life offers instead of just reacting to life.

We all have choice, if confronted by strife, can you develop the skillful means to create some positivity of the situation? If you can, great, if not, then it is time to look for a situation where the level of hostility around you is less. Take time out in nature or supportive place.

At times there seems that life is just hell, even small pleasures have a price to pay, like you cannot do anything much without more suffering.. It becomes a habitual cycle, and the cycle must be broken before can grow into Consciousness and suffering fades away.

Consciousness is often called GOD
As God, access to Consciousness is sought to be controlled by religion. The hierarchy within religions have knowledge of Consciousness and use it for many differing agendas, the greatest is their fear that people may use the knowledge of Consciousness for power over others, and yet some in the religious hierarchies, do them selves seek Consciousness for power and status.
The pious and true hearts among them can be sincere in inspiring people toward True Consciousness and not just lip service.

If you feel you have no consciousness, start by studying the religions, use the morality of harmlessness, and be aware of your life and how you live, always seek the positive, the uplifting. Listen not so much to the theology, rather the stories of those who have walked in Consciousness like Jesus and Buddha. Always be inclusive of all religions and you will find they all lead into Consciousness, some more than others.

The seat of consciousness is the human heart, if unsure, stop and listen to your heart, feel your breath, feel the breeze the sun and the rain on your skin and the earth beneath your feet. Listen to your friends, really do your best to hear what they say, and find friends who will really listen to you without trying to fix you.

Human Mind
This part of me is the interface with the world

With the mind I can calculate, evaluate, balance all the information and events that impact our perception.

Much like a computer, the mind is programmed to initiate action and reaction. All predetermined by upbringing, education and life experience (programming).

Many of us identify 'myself' as the mind, so when the mind is satisfied, I am satisfied.

Mind is affected by the health of the body and it's ability to allow consciousness to be present.

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