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Tarot > The Fool

Innocence and naivety are associated with The Fool, for the young have no fear of new experiences or change.

As you grow older you can lose that childish innocence and enthusiasm, and can become fearful and cynical of change and new experiences.

The mind of The Fool is always open, an empty vessel eagerly waiting to be filled with new knowledge. Any experience, pleasant or challenging, is life knowledge that he accepts as part of his learning.

The Fool does not sit on the fence waiting for life to come to him; he always takes the first step himself. The Fool does not analyze all the possible risks of a new adventure; he learns as he goes along.

The fearlessness and sheer enthusiasm associated with The Fool makes for quite a maverick character, and often this card can signify such a person, male or female, may step into your life.

It is your attitude that influences the choices and decisions you make, and often your mind is so full of doubt and fear that you become closed-minded to the possibilities of change.

When The Fool appears, ask yourself how open-minded you are being at that moment in time, how enthusiastic are you about life, and do you desire new experiences and excitement but fear taking that first step?

Any journey starts with the first step, and motivating yourself to take it is the hardest part. The Fool encourages you to discover your inner child and harness that youthful enthusiasm to help you on your way to a new life and future.

A time to exercise caution is when The Fool comes up as the first card in a reading for you. You may want to question your motives or judgment, since as this is the first card, it can indicate folly. Perhaps you are motivated for the wrong reasons, so look before you leap.

You will have to deal with many twists and turns, paths and crossroads on your life journey and The Fool can help as a sign post when you need to take a new path.

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