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Tantric (Sanskrit) Terminology

Asana - a physical posture, one of the eight stages of yoga.
Amrita - female ejaculate; divine nectar of the Goddess; fountain of youth
Ananda - bliss
Arya - the worthy, the holy one
Ashram - a sacred abode, place of learning
Atman - the essence of perfection inherent to all creatures
AUM - the primal sound used as a mantra
Bakti - devotion
Bandah - muscular lock
Barebacking - unprotected sex. 
Chakras - energy centers of the subtle body; seven in number, base of spine, genitals, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead (third eye), top of head
Chela - disciple
Dakini - Yogini or female Tantrica, attendant to the Goddess,commonly used to describe a sexual Priestess (Daka would be a male priest)
Darshana - inner vision; to see a great or holy individual, either human or divine
Deva - God; deity; cosmic power
Devi - Goddess; deity; cosmic power
Dharma - divine duty, or individual spiritual purpose
Durga - the warrior Goddess
Guru - spiritual teacher
Hatha - literally the "Sun joins the Moon" symbolically translates to the soul's connection with the body. Also commonly known in terms of yoga as hatha yoga; the physical exercises or postures of yoga.
Karma - the law of cause and effect. Every action produces a reaction which always reterns to the initiator.
Kriya - system of internal purification, cleansing process
Kundalini - latent energy located at the base of the spine. Kundalini is often likened to a coiled sleeping serpent, she is supreme shakti, the original source of everything. The yogi works to awaken this dormant energy to attain the highest bliss
Lakshmi - The Goddess of abundance, wealth, happiness and prosperity. The consort of Lord Vishnu
Lingam - penis; wand of light; from Linga, pillar of adoration and worship of Lord Shiva, cosmic masculine force
Maha - great
Maithuna - Tantric ritual usually culminating in sexual union
Mantra - a sacred word or phrase poetic hymn, prayer or incantation
Maya - illusion
Mudra - sacred hand gestures, mystic sign or symbol
Nadis - nerves or channels of the subtle body
Nirvana - Spiritual peace, a state of being within consciousness, often confused with enlightenment.
Ojas - subtle vital force within the body which can be diminished through genitally focused ejaculation
Prana - breath or life force; principle of vitality; energy, received by the body from pure air and food
Pranayama - Control of breath; regulating and restraining the function of breathing; helps bring the mind under control
Puja - circle of worship
Reiki - is a type of Energy Healing
Samadhi - deep meditative state
Shakti - the divine mother; the power of consciousness and spiritual evolution
Shaman - American Indian name for a spiritual healer
Shaktipat - an transmission of spiritual energy usually given by a guru.
Sky Dance - a term describe a transcendental - transformative massage system that is healing and enlightening. Similar to Kahuna or Lomi Lomi massage.
Sky Dancing - Tantric love making where partners literally, overcome their differences and dance together in cosmic space
Tantra - Rite or ritual. The tantras are religious ritual practices
Tejas - fire element of the body which can be "burnt out" with excessive drug use or cigarette smoking
Upandishads - literally "secret teachings" the last portion of the Vedas
Yab-Yum - sitting position in which woman sits on man's lap facing him; so the chakaras are aligned, unison or alternate breathing can accompany this posture, also known as yugananda
Yang - active, quick, firm, typically masculine
Yantra - mystic geometrical diagrams used for meditation
Yin - receptive, gentle, soft, typically feminine
Yoga - unity within all things. Often thought of as a path toward unity of body, mind, spirit and the world community.
Yoni - vagina; ring like symbol of Shakti or cosmic feminine power
Yuga - era, epoch. This age is called Kali Yuga


Shakti is energy.
Shakti is power.
Shakti is consciousness in action.
Shakti is the feminine principle which is at the core of every living thing.

If a man learns to tune into Shakti. He will always be receptive to what a a woman wants. He may be surprised how intuitively he knows how to support his Goddess's needs and desires. He can learn to transmit his Shakti through his eyes, hands, lips, breath, lingam and skin. If he masters this he can make a woman ejaculate from across the room just by looking at her. If pleasuring a woman on a deeper level is something you want to explore, the Goddess Worship ritual is a way of gaining personal power through complete surrender and adoring the beauty of the Goddess in woman.

Shiva and Shakti are actual Hindu deities. Shakti is the personification of the Divine Mother, while Shiva is the Supreme Godhead, Lord of ultimate reality. However, the name Shakti can refer to any woman and the name Shiva to any man. They are the highest masculine and highest feminine within us. When our inner Shiva & Shakti are in balance, harmony exists within us, the universe becomes our lover, and we cease to feel loneliness or longing. Instead, only complete oneness exits!

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