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Tantra > Sexuality - Sexual Healing

So do you feel at a loss to understand your sexuality?
Is there a lack of love in your life?
Are you not getting the intimacy you need?
Is your partner not performing as you desire?
Is there a rift developing in your relationships?

Sex has always been a big and painful issue. There are so many people who are sexually frustrated, they are in the state of  constant sexual hunger and this starvation leads to mental and physical sickness including some major depressions and anger. What we are hungry for is INTIMACY. Sex is the deepest level of intimacy, but it can be translated in touch, or look, or care. If there is an intimacy in your relationship, the sex will be good too and you will be satisfied and really happy, no matter how well your partner knows sex techniques or how good she or he at “sexual performance”.  Sex without intimacy is nothing. And you don’t need to be in a long-term relationship to get to this point, or love someone deeply to become intimate. All you need is to  BE intimate or to be with a person who has the sense of intimacy and to be able to trust this person. No matter what you do together, it will fulfill you both to the point of total happiness. In other words, you’ll be happy together. May be this is what is called LOVE?

What you will find here are concepts to think about and see how you feel in relation to your life. Then if you want more, you can contact us.

Overview; The principals of unity found in tantra are proving helpful as a means to heal our wounded lives. Many of us have lots of issues around sex and sexuality. Tantric meditations and teachings and 'Skydance' transformational massage and Tantric massages as a therapy help one to relax to make peace within your body and get in touch with those wounded feelings and begin the healing process. The healing process can involve loving touch, meditations and counselling - support to relax the grip on ones fears, to understand and become empowered, to be sexually whole and alive. Lifestyle, diet and nutrition are also important considerations and it is about all of life, not just sex. This is an opportunity to say NO to isolation, awaken to your divine freedom on all levels of life. Understand that your sexuality is your connection to the divine mother, the universal creative energy.

We are raised in a culture that has been closed to life on many levels over many generations.

With the advent of morality, human nature has been suppressed. Now is the time to claim our power to be totally ourselves, to be whole and independent Human Beings that we may be Free. This means having power with each other, not to have power over each other.

An Ancient Art For Modern Lovers

Tantra is a path to an aliveness, to a passionate heart centred connection to all areas of your life. To practice Tantra you must be curious, courageous, adventurous and willing, to explore into the depths of your Being, both sexually and spiritually.


  • Do you suffer from impotency?
  • Do you want more mastery over your orgasmic ability and ejaculatory responses.
  • Do you want to better please your partner.
  • We share methods that will enhance your expertise and assist in experiencing, states of arousal and pleasure that will alter your perception of what orgasm is, this often leads to multiple orgasms and bliss.
  • Men often need healing from performance anxiety, stress and tension.
  • By learning relaxation you can learn to tap into your own passionate energy, as well as your partner's, with re-newed vitality.

  • Are you seeking greater depths of intimacy?
  • re you wanting to awaken your radiant sensual nature?
  • You can come to us for emotional release and the healing of past trauma and abuse.
  • You may want to remember and ignite the power of your orgasm and experience the intensity that is your natural birthright.
  • With love and unconditional service, we provide, not only expertise in the area of female sexuality, but an intuitive sensitivity built on trust, respect and caring.
  • We help find and open the floodgates of orgasmic expression to truly step into your power as a women.
  • As you learn to move energy through your body, you may attain the ability to reach orgasm more easily.
  • Discover the Female Deer Exercise to expand your sensory awareness and pleasure, learn more

  • Are you seeking deeper levels of intimacy?
  • Are you seeking to strengthen and enhance your spiritual and sexual connection.
  • We share communication skills and body awareness which may include exotic meditations and or massage - touch techniques that will help you and your partner to reach new levels of love and inspiration.
  • Tantra has saved many relationships whose passion has decreased, or where misunderstanding or miscommunication exist.
  • It's a method that can continually rejuvenate relationships when regularly practised.
Although these practices arouse sexual energy, one of the most important aspects to remember is that Tantra is not only a path of sexuality. When the sexual fire is ignited within you, and you learn the techniques that open you up and energise you on all levels, you experience your sexuality with your whole body, not just with your genitals.
Tantra is also a path of acceptance and surrender. Sexual energy is our primal creative force, it is the creative energy behind all our desires and dreams. What Tantra enables us to do is to understand evaluate, and where appropriate dissolve the boundaries we have created in our lives, the sence of separateness, the sence of disconnection, to become more connected, in harmony with all of life.

Tantra is a method to reclaim our essential self and know the fullness of life.

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