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Sociology > Being Female

Life does not need to be complicated..

fcThis is a good time to undress and look in the mirror, this is a starting point toward a happier and healthier life and while the body is our ground, we are so much more, so look beyond appearance to the goodness of your heart and the active intelligence of your mind.

What do you see?

Self judgement is the original sin and many women think they are not good enough. As in this image, the view is distorted by social pressure. áWhen you look in the mirror, you're not likely to see the model image served up by the media, most likely you are like most of us imperfectly perfect.

Facing Facts

Many see appearance as a means of gaining acceptance and advancing social rank, but common sense, active intelligence and other practical virtues are more important. How we look is no barrier to the goal of happiness which must come before everything else, but good health is vital for this quest.

Most women áare affected by competition as much as the men and we have to deal with the mythsáthat we are all are equal, that we are all a size 8 with D cup breasts, can cook, clean, mend broken hearts, fuck like whores, pop out babies, and always be nice as we manage a job, husband and kids not to mention the monthly and then look good. á

Anyone who can do all that really is a miracle worker. Feeling good is what matters most and we get this by applying common sense, healthy eating, being fit and having a good family, community and work life.


Everyone suffers, even plants and animals suffer causing theápessimisticáto say the reason for our life is suffering, but theáoptimisticáthink and act to overcome suffering. We should all be happy, áhowever this is not every woman's experience, like a card game, not everyone gets a good hand and life may seem unfair, so how can you get through the years of adolescence, menstruation and child bearing, and then menopause while remaining fit and healthy so that you can move through old age with dignity and self determination rather than being relegated to some impersonal retirement home?

As we think, so we become and the steps to happiness are right thinking and right actions.

toneHealth and Wellbeing

Poverty, injustice, environmental pollution, stress and poor nutrition create havoc with human biology, and millions of women and children in every country continue to suffer from preventable diseases which left untreated accumulate to undermine health, vitality and enjoyment and eventually result in chronic or acute illness and the early symptoms include:
  • headaches
  • irregular or heavy periods
  • weakness
  • digestive problems
  • difficulty sleeping
  • lack of libido
These seemingly minor symptoms of imbalance are the first signs that all is not well with your body and the secondary symptoms are the initial symptoms as above plus:
  • physical aches and pains
  • difficulty coping with or performing normal tasks
  • difficulty finding the motivation to get out of bed and do things.
Left untreated, what seems like insignificant minor symptoms over time deteriorate into more serious problems. 

To retain or recover health and vitality the first steps are to:
  • educate yourself on all aspects of life
  • improve diet
  • exercise
  • resolve problems
Our common shapeNot all problems are easy to solve and to this end, in these pages we look at our health from life's beginning with the benefits of breast feeding to get your child off to a healthy start in life, what to do and not to do if you have PMS and a woman's moon may help explain irregular or difficult periods. Everything you may or may not have wanted to know about breastsáfrom basic care and enhancement. Will pheromones help with self confidence and social integration? If your cycle is hell, perhaps your Libido needs a boost, is your bra all that comfortable and is it possible to have Sex After Divorce?

Women's sexual health supplements!

Over the past few years, women have been talking more freely about their sexual health concerns and needs. Just watch any women's daytime television talk show and you can listen to women freely discussing issues that not so many years ago were considered strictly taboo. Women are coming of age and products to boostáLibido are becoming popular.

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 Being Female
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