Your Penis - Size...

The size of your penis doesn't have a relationship with anything else. For example a person with big feet does NOT necessarily have a 9 inch penis. And penis size has nothing to so with being able to impregnate a woman. Size is only an issue where pleasure is desired and we know that girls do get excited when the see a mans penis and of course the bigger it is the more turned on she might get but their are other alternatives to giving a women an orgasm.

Every man wants to know if they are average or not?  Many surveys have been done and the average penis size as ranged from 5 inches to 7 inches, the question is which study to believe.

Our survey shows from a sample of 1132 men that:

  • 46 have an under 5 inch penis
  • 277 are 5 - 6 inches
  • 437 are 6 - 7 inches
  • 240 are 7 - 8 inches
  • 161 are 8 - 9 inches
  • 71 are + 9 inches

From a random sample survey of 667 women, they want a man with a penis:

  • 8 want under 5 inches
  • 76 want  5 - 6 inches
  • 230want  6 - 7 inches
  • 263 want  7 - 8 inches
  • 40 want  8 - 9 inches
  • 50 want  plus 9 inches

All this shows is that if you are going to be able to satisfy a woman, your chances are greatest if your penis is over six inches, best if you are over 7 inches, and can keep an erection for long enough to satisfy her.

The study which should be the most accurate is the report done by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for sex. The largest sample of 10,000 men were measured and then the results compiled. The results showed the average was 6-6.5 inches in length.

How big are you? if you decide to measure,

  • Measure when you have an erection,
  • Measure from where your penis meets your belly.

Whether you are above or below the average ask yourself does it really matter?
If you feel comfortable with the way your penis looks then it is not an issue, but if:

  • Were made fun of because your penis looked "shrunk"?
  • Were you one of those guys who wouldn't shower after gym class because of embarrassment?
  • For any reason size or lack of size is an issue,
    • then there are many enlargement options outlined in the following pages.
  • If you want to improve performance, or would like a larger tool and increased capacity for pleasure, read about enlargement.

  • And what do you do if your penis is to big?

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