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Why I the reason I wonder why?

Human Behaviour is ever changing in response to our earthly and social environmental in order to survive, however human memory is short and much of our behaviour is reactive rather than planned for our long term survival.

Behaviour is governed by our needs for water, food, shelter and possession which also causes a great deal of suffering and injustice. At this time when the population of the earth is large and still increasing rapidly and the earth's resources are diminishing, there has never been such an important need for co-operative behavior as the survival of our species is under threat.  The politics of living are discussed here.

Most of us have learned that confrontation, conflict and un-moderated anger causes suffering to both ourselves and others. But really, how should we behave? Common sense says we should be kind and considerate toward each other and the ethics of most religions teach kindness, tolerance and compassion. The biblical 'ten commandments' when looked at from outside of any religious perspective are simply a formula for world peace.

Our behaviour affects our relationships and how we relate is a learned behaviour, so what defines right and wrong? Obviously anything that causes harm is wrong although it does not that idea does not stop people from harming each other for profit. Then withing relationships there is an idea that infidelity is harmful, but harmful to who? It is only harmful to those who choose to feel harmed and while many do not accept this idea, there is a realisation that life is simply an act and hopefully our behaviour is better than some of the examples in the videos below and how to you understand infidelity?

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