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Men's Health > Penis Health > Penis Enlargement

There are several effective ways to enlarge your penis that are proven to work. If they did not work, all the manufacturers would have gone out of business long ago. Here we evaluate the enlargement methods, list what we consider the best products with links to detailed product and manufacturer reviews.

There are five ways to enlarge your penis, they are surgery, pills, patches, and do it yourself exercises and stretching devices.

  1. Surgery
    • The most common form of surgery is to cut some of the muscle that attaches the shaft of the penis to the pubic bone which then allows more of the penis to be used. This only requires an incision about an inch long to be made in the lower abdomen and the gain is about an inch in length, but this will not affect girth.
    • Surgeons to some degree have been successful in elongation and thickening surgeries, however the result is always permanent scarring and a risk of erectile dysfunction.
    • After the (successful) operation, sex can be resumed in 30 - 60 days.
    • The cost of surgery can run to many thousands of dollars.
  2. Pills
    • Penis enlargement pills/capsules have developed over the years and today are the post popular choice for millions of men.
    • Pills are inexpensive, they can be stopped and resumed any time.
    • The results gained are permanent although the penis in the later years of life will diminish if not engaged in an active sex life.
    • Pills are discrete, unless you tell, know one will know except maybe your sex partner as they stimulate libido and may increase the desire for sex.
    • Enlargement pills are made from natural herbs that have beENed for centauries by different cultures and you may say they are tried and true.
    • All pills contain slightly different herbal combinations which means that one brand may work best for one man and another brand work best for others.
    • Some pills have mild side effects such as headaches and nausea, or high euphoric states similar to party pills.
    • Pills work better when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle and the penis exercises known as Jelquing.
    • With the better brands of enlargement pills, an increase in size is apparent in 3 - 5 weeks.
    • For most men, the first growth is thickening from the base of the penis
    • The process of enlargement using pills generally takes 3 - 6 months for a gain of 2 - 3 cms or about an inch but some achieve larger gains.
    • The Health Information Network recommends that men should take a break of 2 - 3 months from using the pills after 6 months but continue Jelquing if further increase is desired, then resume using the pills. A break is good to prevent the build up of any toxins in the body.
    • All reputable manufacturers and retailers have a no obligation money back guarantee.
    • The cost of using pills is varies due to men's varying metabolism, but is estimated at about US$300.00 per inch of gain.
  3. Stretching Devices
    • In antiquity, men would tie a weight to the penis and over time it would stretch and today traction devices are becoming increasingly popular.
    • The main benefit to traction devices are that it is a totally natural process
    • The technology has improved greatly so tat traction devices are more compact and comfortable to wear.
    • The disadvantage is that one needs to wear the device for long periods of time, the longer the better which make it something of an antisocial activity unless those around you are totally supportive, or you live alone.
    • Traction devices do lengthen the penis, but girth is not always so dramatically affected.
    • Libido is only stimulated by ones consciousness and not by any effect of the device.
    • Stretching devices are recommended to be used in combination with pills for anyone wanting to gain more than 6cms or 2 inches.
    • See Traction Devices
  4. Exercise
    • Yes, just like you make your body fitter and build muscle with exercise you can exercise your penis and develop its length and girth.
    • Learning how to exercise the penis holds more benefits than just length and girth gains. The penis will be more fitter and able to hold more blood which will promote increased strength and sexual ability. 
    • Exercises need to be done regularly over many months and even years, but if you are starting young it is an excellent and natural way to develop the penis you want.
    • Regular exercise plus pills provides an excellent solution for gains of over  2 - 3 cms.
    • See jelquing
  5. Patches
    • Like the nicotine patch, penis enlargement patches simply stick to the skin and your body absorbs the same active ingredients as in enlargement pills.
    • Product review.
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