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Men's Health > Libido > Erectile Dysfunction/ Impotence

ED is defined as the regular or irregular inability to achieve and/ or maintain an erect penis for sufficient time to complete intercourse to the satisfaction for either partner, however this is not associated with premature ejaculation which is common to boys and men due to over excitement, and ED if left unresolved over a prolonged period may cause unhappiness and relationship failure.

Ed is classified as a degenerative disease and is seen as a part of a general systemic failure in the health of the individual and it is more common in men 60 years of age and older. This common problem affects about half of all men in the world at some time in their life and is more common in middle aged and older men. When a single incident occurs, the best thing to do is forget about it and most women accept this, but problems arise when this difficulty starts occurring regularly as it can seriously strain relationships.

ED or Impotence is a major relationship trauma which often contributes to divorce. The partner is often unaware of the cause of the problem, she simply experiences the unhappy result and unsatisfied will often act in a way to increase the man's stress level further compounding the problem.

Note that impotence should not be confused with male infertility. They are two totally different conditions; a man unable to maintain an erection may be perfectly normal in every other way including the fathering children.


  • A lack in sexual confidence or interest in sex
  • A change in the quality of erections.
  • The inability to have or maintain an erection
  • Failure to have an erection upon waking up in the morning.
  • Persistence of the disorder for more than three months.


The most common causes are:

  • Any Stress factors such as performance anxiety, boredom, depression, low self-esteem.
  • Difficulties and unresolved tensions within relationships.
  • Processed and convenience foods which are a major cause of a great many health disorders.
  • Diseases like obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis and vascular disease.
  • Cardiovascular problems and side effects from high blood pressure medicine.
  • Injuries to the spinal column
  • Surgery (prostatectomy, orchiectomy, radiation therapy or penile implants) which may have damaged nerves and arteries near the penis.
  • Medications like antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquillisers and appetite suppressants.
  • Smoking, alcohol and drug use
  • Hormonal deficiencies.
  • Neurological problems (injury, trauma or disease)
  • Andropause which is a form of exhaustion.


Erectile Dysfunction often increases progressively with age and yet it is not an inevitable consequence of aging.
The following steps can be taken to minimize the risks of erectile dysfunction:

  • Learn to manage the stresses in life.
  • Keep your relationships healthy and vibrant in every way.
  • Eat well and take regular exercise
  • Have regular massages to help keep the whole body in tune.
  • Sex education, understanding your body and sexuality will assist.
  • Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

There are numerous methods of diagnosing this condition which differ around the world:

  • Typically a doctor will question you about your sexual history including the nature and onset of problems, frequency, quality and duration of erections, past and present medical problems, medications, psychological history, current stresses, anxieties or problems and about how your relationships are.
  • This consultation will typically include an examination of the genital area and a digital rectal examination to check for prostate abnormalities. Blood tests will be taken to check testosterone and prolactin levels, thyroid and adrenal gland dysfunction and other conditions like hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and nerve damage.


Medically speaking, there is no cure for anything, however there are many things which can have a positive effect and help to restore normal function:

  • Counselling and meditation can reveal the root causes of this problem.
  • Changing any medications which may cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.
  • Improving Diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • Taking dietary supplements
  • Understanding your Penis


A healthy diet is often difficult to achieve and can be supplemented with.

  • Multi -Vitamins and minerals
  • Products that help in getting and keeping an erection


Most impotence originates from poor diet and nutrition.

  • If you are over weight, the first step is to lose weight.
  • Improving diet can reduce and even improve this problem tremendously.
  • Eat a fresh, organic, high vegetable diet, which should include green, leafy vegetables.
  • Reduce red meat consumption.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.


  • A key factor in impotence is life style; try not smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Take alternating hot and cold showers to improve your circulation.
  • Massages and aromatherapy help the body and the body system to relax.
  • Learn massage so that you and your partner can massage each other.
  • Learn about tantric sex and experiment with out being fixed on any goals.


Take an active interest in your life, relationships and your body, especially your penis and sexuality. Usually any problem in life, once you identify the cause, the problem is solved and steps can be taken to make good. And as much as there is a mass of medical knowledge, with all its diagnostic equipment and massive array of drugs, they will never match the advantages of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The products here offer a temporary solution.



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