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Healing Systems > Dietary Supplementation

The Need to Supplement Our Diets

Here we are in the 21st century and our bodies are becoming weaker, and we are more susceptible to illness and disease. In the last 50 years, illnesses such as asthma, Candida, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, cancers have become much more prolific and the list goes on.....

Back in the early 1900's the gloom forecasters predicted a time when the human race would live on a diet of liquids and tablets as the natural resources of the planet were depleted and we as a species would evolve into a large headed, fine limbed creature that would possibly learn to breathe nitrogen or survive on carbon dioxide as the planetary oxygen was depleted.  And we now know that some 200 years ago that the atmosphere of this planet was 35% oxygen by volume. It is now less than 19%. So it is not surprising that there is a lot more respiratory dis-ease now than ever as we have the depleted oxygen levels combined with atmospheric pollution and a diet that is lacking in essential nutrients.

Also at this time we are seeing the breakdown of the health system that we call traditional although it has only been with us for the past 75 years.

This makes your health your own responsibility

This is meant to be an exciting time as we approach the turn of the century and prepare to welcome in a new and more enlightened age of being. But look, here we are being bogged down by ill health and a lack of energy. Although one may argue that this is a good thing in order that we may look within at the core of our beingness, (we must become sick before we can become well,) to assist in the submission of the ego to the higher self? I think not; We Are Already Sick! It is through a heightened sense of self and voluntary surrender to the I within that we establish our true identity.  And as energy-light beings we are then more able to assist in the healing transformation of our selves and our environment.

In my farming career I learned about prevention and cure of disease in livestock through nutrition. I would give stock supplements of trace minerals such as selenium, cobalt, iodine, calcium etc. in order that they would stay healthy. It was not on to let them become ill as the cost of treatment was so great that the cure for serious disease was that the animal was killed. So it was most economic to prevent disease.

Why Don't We Apply What Is Good For Animals To Ourselves? We Are Mammals Too!

There are 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 Amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids that we need and are often over-looked in our diet. We have been taught that unless you are vegetarian, that we get all our requirements of nutrients from eating the meat.... Untrue.... This may be true only if the entire animal is consumed!!!! Today we like the clean lean cuts, we eat only the choice parts of the animals. The other parts go into fertilizer and pet food to keep your pets healthy, and there are more vitamins and minerals added to pet food than can normally be found in the Human diet. Why are we spending more energy, time and money, looking after the health of our animals than we spend on our own health? And then when we do require medical treatment, it costs us a fortune in doctors and medical bills. Would it not be more sensible to supplement our diet so that we may be healthier, have a better quality of life, spend less money on Medicare, and perhaps even live longer? It was calculated that the people in the Arizona Biosphere experiment would have lived to 160 years old had the experiment continued. There are cultures in the world today where longevity of 120 - 140 years is common. Are we dying young as a result of malnutrition?

There is an article in time magazine April 6th 1992; 'The Real Power of Vitamins'. "Research shows that vitamins help fight cancer, heart disease and the ravages of aging." There are six pages of positive statements. Well I would rather take extra vitamins and minerals and then I know that I'm getting enough. A dollar a day spent on supplements is better than insurance and may save having to spend $80,000.00 on a hip replacement?

As we move toward The Age Of Aquarius we are being called upon to raise our frequency. There are many ways of doing this from the paths of religions, yoga and meditation and elements of Tantra. Most people on this path lean toward vegetarianism and tend to be conscious of the need to take supplements, although not usually taking enough.

For those who see themselves as light workers the need for supplements is doubly great. To develop oneself to be a channel of healing energy into the planet and its inhabitants one must develop the 'crystalline form',  in other words become the crystal that can channel energy to where it is needed. This is through the energy distribution system of the chakras and meridians. The basis of the crystal is mineral. it is maintained and developed through the contemplative - meditative process and its building blocks are the mineral / metal elements. The mineral elements are transported and placed by the quality of your meditations and worldly intent which is akin to the character of your personality. The transportation is aided by the availability of the vitamins and essential fatty acids. It is this crystal running energy through the chakra/meridian circuitry with clear loving intent that defines the light worker. More,

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