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The Future of Health Care

Where are we going?

Are we in love with death? by Yannick Bouchard

We still don’t know what life is and yet somehow we know we are alive. We know that the best conditions for life and evolution involve a recipe of peace, an adequate diet that provides proper nutrition and the freedom to form meaningful social relationships.

But on analysis of modern life, too many of us live on junk food that provides little more than enough nutrition to keep us alive; peace has become a luxury and those lucky enough to have jobs work long hours to make ends meet.

A consequence of our crazy lifestyle is that the increase in longevity and health that was achieved following WW2 is beginning to decline. We are seeing epidemics of respiratory diseases like asthma, lifestyle diseases like diabetes and the overall strength of the human metabolism is declining.

Some scientists are speculating that even life on earth will become impossible in the next 30 to 40 years due to the way that we are the grading our environment and killing each other off. But as well as all of this, new diseases like Ebola are manifesting that have the capacity to wipe out 90% of our population.

Our capacity to treat the symptoms of any disease continues to advance and diseases like AIDS no longer present the same risk to life. However all the technological solutions for illness are becoming increasingly expensive and the new trade agreements that are coming into force offer more protection to the corporations who manufacture health products than the suffering people who need those products.

Most of the discussions on these topics are behind closed doors because no one wants to alarm the public who are becoming less able to afford the cost of healthcare, and no one wants to offend the corporate masters who have a great deal more control over our political and social institutions than most people realise.

Few people remember that what we call modern medicine is less than 100 years old, it began developing after WW1 and before that we’ve had medical systems that have endured over many thousands of years. The old medical systems that were well developed outside of Europe focused more on treating the cause of disease rather than just the symptoms which is the focus of modern allopathic medicine.

Some people think that the focus of treating symptoms and not the underlying cause is contributing to the general weakening of our species and making us more susceptible to disease. There is no doubt that modern medicine with its technology is brilliant in the examination of the body chemistry, it has become an exacting science in regards to repairing some bodily structures, but if this modern allopathic medicine is contributing to the degeneration of our species, then it’s time we did something about it.

The proponents and practitioners of modern medicine have been on a grand ego trip and a false belief that they have power over life and death. But they don’t and it is high time that modern medicine and the ancient medical systems work more closely together.

We have seen that to a certain extent were doctors are now referring patients to yoga classes or to have massages and even take nutritional supplements because the results of such activities are so positive and obvious.

During an episode of “In Conversation With The Mystic” at Duke University Medical School, Sadhguru, with Dr. Tracy Gaudet and Dr. Mitchell W. Krucoff, looks at integrative medicine and the need for a holistic approach to health and wellness in modern healthcare. They discuss the explosion of chronic disease in the US and the need to remodel the modern healthcare system.

If the old and new medical systems are able to work together more closely and think of human beings in their entirety instead of just a collection of bits and pieces, then perhaps we can begin to reverse the trend of degradation that is currently taking place.

New paradigms of health would also take into account our environment, we would have to acknowledge that there are far too many people on this planet and that our demands on the earth are unsustainable. Therefore to restore our most fundamental health and vitality we need to understand that we are part of nature and not something separate from it.

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