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Common Diseases > Diabetes and an apple a day...


Apple Reduces Blood Sugar And Keeps It Under Normal Condition In Diabetes Type II.

I had Diabetes[350mg/dl] in 1999at the age of 70 and had all the symptoms viz. Extreme Fatigue and Hunger, Depression, High fluctuations of BG, Deadly Fear of Diabetes, Tingling on foot, body pain etc.. I was not able to walk even few steps in the house. [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome=CFS]

I did experiments on my own and got rid of it. in 6 months.

I wanted to find out how BG fluctuates in my blood, so I have taken BG counts for every half an hour and designed a sugar wheel giving 24 hrs position of my BG, then I tried to find the effects of various dietic factors on BG. I studied ingredients and tried Apple because it has in built balance of sugar and alcohol.

I am now leading a normal healthy life and take sugar and sweets without increasing BG.

1] I have divided the total food calories 4 times per day. and started taking one Apple per day [Delicious/ Royal Gala variety] . This was after each food intake and then walked for 5 to 10 minutes. Along with the Apple I have also taken 2 pills of Balanced Vitamin B Complex and stopped taking sweets and sugar for few months.

2] I Recorded fasting and after meals Blood Glucose per day on Glucometer so that I can monitor it.

a] After I started my Apple therapy ,BG started dropping slowly within 15 to 25 days approx.
b] In this period , one has to record BG and monitor it by not taking sweets so that it will remain at 140 level approximately

3] In case you are taking medicine this monitoring has to be done by adjusting the dose of pills /Insulin or diet so that stage of hypo is avoided. One Apple by itself never reduces sugar to hypo level unless you are taking medicine to reduce sugar or taking alcoholic drinks.


I would like to close by hypothesizing the cause of this effect. Once again, this is by no means experimentally proven on large scale but myself and many of my friends [ about 50 nos. ] having type II diabetes, taking pills and insulin tried this method. It worked 100 % successfully. [ see table bellow for the results ] Thus I feel that this is a break through and needs attention for taking clinical trials on large scale.. An Apple, in addition to fructose and water, contains the following ingredients: malic acid, [ Apple Acid ] sorbitol [initiates insulin secretion], lignin, pectin, minerals (potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, copper, selenium), Amino acids, Anti oxidants and flavonoids. A lot of medical literature suggests that malic acid serves as a chelating agent and plays an important role in ATP and Kreb‘s cycle in sugar metabolism. and has also biocidal action. It appears that in this case, it helps reduce the sugar level in some symbiotic fashion with the other chemicals found in apple. It is also used for CFS along with magnesium.

Warning:- The above mentioned experiments I have done on my own responsibility, but if any body after reading this article wants to experiment on himself it is at their own risk.


Representative data of five diabetic patients out of about 50 nos., who have adopted Apple Therapy.

Name and address etc Diabetes- since BG-Before
Apple Therapy- Fast& A meals
BG After Apple Therapy-
Fast & A Meals
Medicine Before
Apple - Therapy
Medicine After Apple Therapy
D.P.Parkhe Date of Birth-9th Nov.1950- San Jose Cal- USA Phone 408-531-8372 3 Years 150----200 100--125 No Medicine No medicine
Mr. Salunke Wishwas-Birth Date-8th April 1940 Address same as above- Phone- 408-274-4352 6 Years 236----350 117--160 2 Pills per day Pills Discontinued
Mr. Khasgiwale R.G. Birth Date-12th May1928 Address same as above- Phone 408578-8778 25 years 200----200 107--140 2 pills per day and Insulin 50 units per day Insulin reduced to 10 units per day
Reddy R.S. Birth date-7th April1924 Address same as above Phone 408-270-9940 6 years 160----180 80---130 2 pills per day Pills discontinued
Khare M.V. Birth Date- 7 July 1931 Address- Nasik- India Phone 253-464861 15 years 160----180 80---110 2 pills per day Pills discontinued
Ladydi--Email-- 4 years 170---200 100--200 Nil Nil

Extract from Proof Postitive:
From; How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle by Neil Nedley, M.D.

One classic study examined the effects of eating apples in one of three different physical forms: as whole apples, as applesauce, or as apple juice. Even though the same number of calories was consumed from each preparation, eating the apples kept blood sugars steadier than drinking apple juice or using applesauce alone. The change of blood sugar levels through a period time after eating apples in the three forms is shown in Figure 9: Effects of Food Processing on Blood Glucose Levels .81 Note that the blood sugar levels peaked for all three at the same level 30 minutes after eating. Then all levels decreased as sharply as they rose, but each to a different low point. The level for the apple juice consumer fell the lowest, to 50. The level for the applesauce eater went down to 61, while the whole apple eater had a high 66 level as his lowest point. The raw apple eater’s level stayed constant at the high level for the remaining two hours, while the level for the other two stayed at lower values.

Although this study was done in non-diabetics, the blood sugar peaks are more pronounced (higher) in diabetics consuming the juice or sauce in comparison with the whole apple, thus indicating that the natural whole apple will produce a steadier blood glucose that the body can more easily handle. This study demonstrates that eating food in its natural state is the safest and—ultimately—the most satisfying way to enjoy sugar.

This is the new diagnostic criteria. Report of the Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Care 1997 July;20(7):1183-1197. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** D.P.Parkhe comments on the above Report:
Above graph and report, proves that, apple has an inherent quality, of reducing sugar level in normal person also, contrary to the belief so far that, it increases the blood sugar, because it has sugar content in it, and that is why it was not recommended for diabetes control, by anybody.

I] In view of this background, I am the only person who has done experiments, on myself based on scientific planning, and got factual data, which proved, and confirmed, that blood sugar in diabetes, can be lowered to a normal level by apple, but only with a delayed timings, and without any side effects, which is a break through in Diabetes control, So far nobody has tried this remedy only out of fear of increasing sugar level in Diabetes..

Apple stops symptoms as well as cause of diabetes to a greater extent.[ but not permanently]. In the above experiment 3 forms of apple are tested on a normal person and results give are as under :-.

2] When Apple juice is given, the blood sugar is reduced from 90 to 50 counts in 30 minutes, in normal person, that means 40 counts are reduced in 30 minutes, in spite of normal insulin level available to reduce the sugar, so the major difference is clearly due to inherent quality of apple to reduce the sugar. that is positively confirmed.

3] I have proved the same phenomena of apple, having inherent quality of reducing sugar in Diabetes ,with factual data by experimenting on myself That too by eating food with different glycemic index viz. sugar, sweets, ice cream and many other fruits or food. but the reduction of sugar to normal level was little delayed in timing, with a good control of sugar, that too without any side effects.. The duration of control also depends on the simple or chronic condition of the patients, in simple type you get normal control within 10 to 15 days but in chronic condition of diabetes, it may take about 1 or 2 months. This time effect is naturally due to apple taking time, to improve the impaired system of our body, so give some time to apple to act effectively, instead of expecting it immediately. This factor I have studied on so many people.

4] My experiments, conclusively proves that, the same inherent quality, present in apple for reducing sugar in diabetes, is as good as shown in normal person. I think this has nothing to do with Glycemic index but the action of, total vital ingredients of apple, on our body metabolism . This is amply proved by the effects of apple in other various major diseases. Actually Sorbitol and Malic acid which are abundant in apple, are recommended as allopathic medicine for diabetes, do you know this.

5] .My recommendations of walking and Vitamin B Complex serves as an additional booster, for fast action of apple, in lowering sugar.

An excellent read for anyone who has or is at risk of diabetes, my full article will be sent on request.

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