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Book Reviews > Massage Books & DVD's

Hawaiian Lomilomi or Big Island Massage
By Nancy S. Kahalewai
Paperback, 192 pages, 2nd Revised edition Edition with 48 illustrations.

"Are you ready to surrender, to completely let go of your body and have it thoroughly massaged from tip to toe with beautiful fragrant warm oils and to allow your mind to sink into a blissful meditation or even a religious or transcendental experience.

Lomi Lomi is a complex massage that is relaxing and therapeutic while fully engaging all bodily senses and all the mind can do is to let go of everything it is holding on to and all stress evaporates.

Lomi Lomi or Kahuna massage has its roots in Hawaii and the Hawaiian word lomi lomi can mean going to and from or 'to knead', 'to squeeze' or 'to make soft' among other similar definitions. In Pukui and Elbert's Hawaiian dictionary lomi lomi is described as "to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat." But for a person raised in the islands, lomi lomi simply means massage."

This extraordinary overview of traditional and contemporary lomi-lomi massage offers a unique opportunity for readers to discover the value and wisdom of Hawaiian cultural healing practices. Richly illustrated, this book provides an intimate and easy to digest portrait of lomi-lomi from the perspective of the Hawaiian people.

It contains new photos and a thorough presentation of many popular techniques, including the use of hot stones, plant medicines, and salt water. This new second edition is the only comprehensive source in print today on this unique Hawaiian art, and Author Nancy Kahalewai's entire approach is one of reverence and respect.

Order Hawaiian Lomilomi or Big Island Massage.

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Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage with CDROM
The 3rd Edition is now ENHANCED with 2 CD-ROMs that include 60 minutes of technique video, student learning exercises, 60 minutes of relaxation music, and a dermatology diagnosis tool. Providing valuable information on how to skilfully apply massage techniques, this practical text is the most widely-used massage therapy resource available! The new edition of this best-selling text includes discussions on sanitation, hygiene, body mechanics, business practices, ethics, Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage with CDROM and much more. Each chapter builds on the one before it, beginning with the basics and expanding to therapeutic applications, as well as providing an introduction to complementary bodywork systems. Workbook features are integrated throughout the text, with interactive case studies that help readers understand and apply key topics.

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy A guide to massage as a remedial therapy for sports training and injuries. It covers the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject and shows how to work in a support role with medical practitioners treating more serious injury. It sees massage as a vital component in an athlete's training.

Touch for Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch and Massage, the Complete Edition
Touch for Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch and Massage, the Complete Edition With over 1/2 million copies in print since 1973, John Thie's "Touch for Health" phenomenon has flourished worldwide to help more than 10 million people in over 40 countries restore their natural healing energies and enjoy vibrant health through his unique treatment of posture and muscle balancing that combines simple aspects of acupressure touch and massage. From this book, you will learn the techniques that chiropractors, alternative health specialists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists have found invaluable in preventive health-care treatment.

Baby Touch: Massage and Reflexology for Babies and Children
Baby Touch: Massage and Reflexology for Babies and Children Your infants and children can benefit from your giving them massage (and so can you). Research shows children who receive massage are more alert, gain weight faster, sleep more soundly, and suffer less anxiety. Choose from a 10-minute massage for a newborn to techniques for older children of any age, including a centuries-old Ayurveda massage from India especially designed for times when kids are overactive during the day or restless at bedtime. Photos and captions illustrate each move of a parent's hands and a baby's body. Soothing movements to the child's stomach can relieve colic, and other techniques can heal common ailments such as teething, earache, and congestion, as you make these loving touches a part of your child's daily routine.

Hot Stone Massage (Miniature Editions)
Hot Stone Massage (Miniature Editions) Here's a great, indulgent gift item. Using this fun, safe mini kit is an affordable way to experience a popular spa-style foot treatment at home. The 32-page book of tips and techniques comes with 8 smooth stones to warm and massage the feet for a delicious treat.

Massage for Dummies
Massage for Dummies All the basics of quick, easy massage to relieve tension and provide enjoyment are outlined in this mini edition. Includes different styles from Swedish and Shiatsu to sports and self-massage. Full color.

 Milady's Guide to Lymph Drainage Massage
Milady's Guide to Lymph Drainage Massage Lymph drainage massage is a technique utilized by estheticians and massage therapists to provide relief from edema, an accumulation of fluids in the tissues that causes swelling. This book provides a scientifically accurate explanation of the lymphatic system, the theory behind lymph drainage massage, and explains when it should be performed. The book also explains the application of lymph drainage massage to the needs of well clients, rather than focusing on pathology, since most massage therapists and estheticians will not be treating lymph edema disease in their work.

Sensual Massage for Couples
Sensual Massage for Couples This is the most comprehensive Gordon Inkeles massage book, with a spectacular full body massage, exercise and bath tips and hundreds of sensation enhancers. It's an ideal gift book for those who are romantically inclined.

Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage Step-by-step illustrations and great tips for erotic stimulation show you how to enrich you love-making through the power of touch. The book features more than 200 all new erotic and vibrant photographs which demonstrate sensual touching.

 Erotic Passions: A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing, Oral Pleasuring
Erotic Passions: A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing, Oral Pleasuring This guide to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring, and ancient sexual positions is a menu of sexual pleasures crafted by a human sexuality expert. Full-colour illustrations.

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