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Ayurvedline Sex Medicine
Paperback (Edition: 2003)
Size: 8.2" X 5.4"
Pages: 688

Providing an Ayurvedic perspective on human sexuality, Ayurvedline Sex Medicine will dispel myths and provide insight on how to improve one's own sexual pleasure and the study results are important to researchers.

Sex is considered to be the least boring and most pleasurable activity. We express out most fundamental natures through our sexual choices. Pleasure, enjoyment, and sharing are the fruits of sexual expression. Sex in any form whether verbal or visual is an exciting topic. The subject of sex influences our most elemental our elemental feelings and touches us in the most sensitive areas of our being.

The common human trait of difficulty in discussing matters related to sex has contributed to the growth of unscrupulous 'sex therapists' in India. Studies have shown, most of the general practitioners' spend very little time with their patients discussing their sexual problems. Many teachers in medical colleges are personally uncomfortable discussing issues of sexuality with their students and this has created a huge vacuum of information related to sexual health.

We have featured many insightful articles on the key concepts in human sexuality, which will increase effectiveness in your daily practice. Biggest sex controversies of out time, "Is there a 'G' spot? " and "Do female ejaculate?" are also featured.

Vatsyayana and other ancient seers described over twenty different coital positions. Majority of these positions featured five most popular coital positions with their advantages and disadvantages to bring spice to your sex life. The impact of physical illness on sexual ability, sex during pregnancy, sex after surgery, response of sense organs to sex and sex appeal of different female body parts are featured with research studies. Extensive coverage of sex researches will shock, inform and transform your understanding of sexual health. These findings once again reaffirm, sex can be one of the most gratifying experiences that life has to offer at any age.

Premature ejaculation is an frequent dysfunction and our article features thirteen different non-pharmacological and effective treatment modalities for this nightmare

Aphrodisiacs pay an important role in promoting the sexual urge. We have listed several aphrodisiac recipes mentioned in ayurvedic text. Though the most powerful sex stimulant lies between the ears, human quest continues for elusive" love drugs and libido enhancers".

In recent times many vested interests are waging a war against Ayurveda to check its unprecedented growth. There has been a systematic, ongoing campaign to malign Ayurvedic medicines especially, those containing metals and minerals. Surprisingly, the focus is on the safety and not the efficacy when it comes to Ayurvedic.

Ayurvedic medicines should not be studied after splitting up the individual drugs. They have to be looked at in a synergistic way. They are safe as the ingredients are buffered by many other compounds contained in them. Medical journals and newspapers tend to give disproportionately dramatic coverage to isolated reports of harm caused by taking these medicines. Interestingly, none of the credible journals have carried human trials of Ayurvedic medicines that caused any harmful effects The failure of Allopathy to effectively treat a wide range of chronic illopathy to effectively treat a wide range of chronic illnesses opens up a space for Ayurveda in the west. To appease western medicine proponents, Ayurvedic approaches are starting to dovetails with Alolopathic approaches i.e. reduce stress, reduce exposure to free radicals, improve nutrition, manage weight, caloric consciousness and so on. In India we use these herbs as medicines and not as dietary supplement.

Ayurveda resists the Cartesian world view of Allopathy, which separates mind and body and its advocacy of the mechanical intervention into nature that strives to manufacture health. In Ayurveda, knowledge is context bound, resistant to universalizing rules applicable to all. Another policy appears to be underway is systematic way of Allopathization of Ayurveda and closing down small Ayurvedic firms by insisting and imposing number of restrictions. Here the politics is of a different style. Ayurvedic drug research has to follow the line of Allopathy.

To purchase this book Click here or Learn more about Ayurveda.

Concept of Ejaculation.
Sex is just not a Physical activity but also a psychological one. Ejaculation of semen is a frequent accompaniment of erection and sexual act. The comprehensive ayurvedic description of ejaculation is explained in this article.
Types of Sex.
Sexual Behaviour is multi functional, it is much more complicated and deserves special attention. In fact, of all our activities sex has become sex has become functionally the most elaborate, with no fewer than ten major categories. Any particular act of copulation may serve several functions simultaneously. The ten functional categories are explained in this article.
Masturbation is healthy, masturbation is instructive, masturbation relieves the tensions, helps you to relax and it is lovely. All about masturbation is dealt in this article.
Vajikarana : Ancient Sex Secrets.
The origins of this specialized branch can be traced back to the Ayurvedic classics. It was felt (by all the clinicians like Charaka, Sushrutha and Vagbhata) that this subject required a specialized branch.
Human Sexuality - Facts and Figures.
Historical Review of Vajikarana.
Popular Coital Positions.
Variety is the spice of life and sex with the same partner in the same position can be monotonous and boring. Vatsyayana described over 20 different coital positions. We have featured five most popular coital positions adopted in our country to enhance erotic pleasure with their advantages and disadvantages.
Sex Study Reports.
This section feature 31 interesting findings which would inform, amuse and provoke you.
Genital responses to sexual stimulation [illustrated].
Sex and Pregnancy.
The changes in the sex life often show up during pregnancy. When the woman is fatigued, nauseous, her body starts to lose interest in sex. Twenty studies are put-together to enlighten the reader regarding this topic.
Marriage counseling.
The topic of sex education is gaining increasing importance in the present day situation. This article encompasses all aspects for pre-marital and married couples.
Sex in Adolescents.
Sex education in adolescence is indeed an importance topic these days. This article will concentrate on the conflicts seen commonly in adolescence, misconceptions about sex education in adolescence, the strategies for the adolescent sex education specially in Indian context.
Sex After Surgery in woman.
The major problems posed by major surgery are generally not the women will lose sexual capability through surgery. This article mainly focuses on when to resume the sex after surgery.
Sex Controversies.
The rediscovery and acceptance of the G-spot opened up a new dimension of sexual pleasure for women. But this elusive spot remains controversial. Secondly, the experience of female ejaculation. Some sex researchers discovered that some women expelled fluid from their urethras during orgasm. This theory is highly controversial
Vaginal lubrication.
Adequate vaginal lubrication is important for pleasurable and successful coitus. This article talks about psychological and physiological causes; dug side effects and so on, which alter the vaginal lubrication
Sex and Illness.
This article focuses on how to cope and make love, rather than on how o heal the illness specifically viz. diabetes mellitus, stroke, hypothyroidism, chronic heart or lung disease, arthritis etc.
Sex and senses.
The importance of human sense of smell in sex
Love Plants.
Herbs are used as libido enhancers, fertility agents and aphrodisiacs for generations. Ayurvedline features almost-all single herbs used to invite Gods of love, mined from 26 major Ayurvedic texts.
Anatomy of woman and its sex appeal.
Every woman has a beautiful body beautiful because it is the brilliant creation of millions of years of evolution. It is evolved with amazing adjustments and subtle refinements that make it the most remarkable species on the planet. We have presented the biological aspect of a particular part of the female body. Also some of the modifications. It is absorbing voyage of discovery into the complexity of the female body and its sex appeal
Premature Ejaculation (PE).
Premature Ejaculation is persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, upon or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it and is associated with marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. We have featured the following topics in detail. 3 Big causes, Impact on a man's life, Nine types of PE, 12 non-pharmacological approaches to treat it.
Sex After Menopause.
Ayurvedic Aphrodisiacs.
This article features extensively on various aphrodisiacs with latest modern updates
Male sexual dysfunction.
Metal Toxicity : Facts and Fallacies
The print media in India recently gave a lot of importance to an article that appeared in the Journal of American Medical association (JAMA). The orginal article in the JAMA was analytical in nature and merely said that the so called Herbal Medicines sold in Boston, USA showed metallic residues far in excess of permissible limits imposed by FDA. In this section we have published Physicians view, Industry view about the controversy with detailed charts on edible sources of metals
Thirty abstracts mined form various sex research reports are featured here. E.g. Coital angina, Sex and Death, seven ages of female breast, Light and darkness Effect on Sexuality, cause of sleep erection, cyclic Fluctuations in female sexual desire, Beardlessness and impotence, Aphrodisiac effect of strange places, Value of cushion beneath hips, full bladder and sexual arousal, Breast Enlarger, Enhanced quality v/s reduced excitement of marital sex, Sex and pulse rate, Snoring and sex, Testicular temperature, Clitoral response to tight jeans, duration of intercourse, Anaphrodisiacs, Sexual headaches, Women's contributions to impotence, Calories and sex, Sensitivity of underside of penis, Coital position and conception, Coffee and sex Nasal responses to sexual arousal, amount to blood shed in menses, Noisy lovers have more fun, Physiology of emission and ejaculation.
Special features
Future of Indian Herbal Industry
Planning a Protocol for Clinical Evaluation of Ayurvedic Medicines.
Need for Essential Ayurvedic v Medicines List.
Complexity of the Problem of Standardization of Herbal Products.
Natural Preservatives.
Creating an Evidence Base at an ayurvedic Clinic in India.
National Seminar on evidence based integrated medicine.
Researches in Ayurveda.
Clinical Success Stories
Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Management of renal Calculi.
Management of Klaibya
Vishwabhaishajyadi yoga in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Management of sciatica with Parijata patra kashaya.
Management of arajaska yonivyapat.
role of Adjuvant Therapy in Paediatric Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Pippali Kshirapaka in Bronchial Asthma.
Management of Grahani dosha in Pediatric practice.
Clinical trial reports.
Cholayil in service of Ayurveda.

To purchase this book Click here or Learn more about Ayurveda.



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