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Body and Self > Ownership

Who owns your body? Is it you owning yours and me owning mine?

Ideas about the ownership and control of peoples bodies, minds and even thoughts in this modern world are as intensely fought over as the war on terror that is being perpetrated by the United States for the control of oil and other assets around the world.

Ownership of ones body and self is undermined by country laws and social opinions as typically we are born into ownership of our family, religion and country, and the idea that we are free is simply a myth.

As we grow up, we align ourselves with different factions from political alliances to dietary preferences and designer labels which we attach ourselves to instead of seeking any real freedom. Anyone who does step out and seek genuine freedom, and attempts to take on the responsible ownership for their own body and self usually encounters a measure of opposition and strong incentives to return to the fold of ignorant complacency.

Our very social structure is all about control and confinement with specific roles defined and allocated to the specially trained people who do not necessarily share the reality as when visiting a doctor and being given an experimental treatment without you knowing about.


Ownership of self is also removed by capitalism as if you have any debt to anyone, i.e. credit card, mortgage, hire purchase, you have a commitment to repay this debt and to do that, ordinarily, one must work. Therefore, one is not free, you are obliged to work and you have effectively surrendered ownership of your body.

Social rules

How we think, act and dress is all dictated to us by social rules and bending those social rules is very difficult, for instance; in the privacy of one's own home, one can walk around completely naked as is our right. On the beach one usually has to wear some form of bathing costume yet to walk through a shopping mall in a bikini or even naked with earn considerable displeasure and possibly arrest. So many people are offended by the human body, that they actually fear it and create laws to banish any public nudity, even though it is acknowledged that the human body is a divine creation and worthy of the utmost respect.


When your body becomes too unwell to function as normal, typically one comes under the care of a health service provider. Often here the patient is treated more as an object than a person, sometimes not even informed that they do have rights and medical staff talk at then rather than to them.

Unfortunately there is often a huge educational gap between medical professionals and an ill person has no way of knowing the consequences of various medications and procedures. Medicine is highly experimental but is usually based on some years of research. But when you are ill and seeking medical care, you literally surrender your body to the experiment. Of course many procedures are well tried and tested as in setting broken bones or using aspirin for minor pains.

In this respect, the natural medicine practitioner is generally more helpful and explaining the nature of the problem and the various ways of treating it.

You may think you own your own body, you may be able to pursue adrenalin pumping sports, but for most of the population, life is subject to outside influences.


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